​2017 AP Test

Date and Time


May 01, 2017 - Mon - 07:40 AM – 11:30 AM


May 01, 2017 - Mon - 11:40 AM – 3:15 PM

Spanish Language & Culture

May 02, 2017 - Tue - 07:40 AM – 11:30 AM

Physics 1: Algebra-Based

May 02, 2017 – Tue - 11:40 AM – 3:30 PM

English Literature


May 03, 2017 - Wed - 07:40 AM – 11:30 AM

Studio Art Exams (portfolio due)


May 03, 2017 - Wed – 09:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Government and Politics, US  

May 04, 2017 - Thur - 07:40 AM – 11:30 AM

Chinese Language & Culture

May 04, 2017 – Thur – 11:40 AM – 3:30 PM

United States History

May 05, 2017 - Fri - 07:40 AM – 11:30 AM

Computer Science Principles


May 05, 2017 – Fri – 11:40 AM – 3:30 PM


May 08, 2017 - Mon- 07:40 AM – 11:30 AM

Music Theory

May 08, 2017 - Mon- 07:40 AM – 11:30 AM

Calculus AB

May 09, 2017 – Tue-  07:40 AM – 11:30 AM

French Language & Culture


May 09, 2017 - Tue - 11:40 AM – 3:15 PM

English Language & Composition

May 10, 2017 - Wed - 07:40 AM – 11:30 AM


May 11, 2017 - Thur - 11:40 AM  – 3:15 PM

Human Geography

May 12, 2017 - Fri - 07:40 AM – 11:30 AM


May 12, 2017 - Fri - 07:40 AM – 11:30 AM​

Please note that exams will be conducted at the First United Methodist Church, 420 North Nevada Ave [across the street from the small gym at Palmer]. On exam day, please note the exam room location.  Please enter the church through the doors at the north end of the building.

With AP exams starting on Monday May 1, 2017, here are some reminders and basic instructions. Please read them carefully and note Cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, e-mail/messaging devices, and any other electronic or communication devices – Leave them at home or in your car – they are NOT allowed in the exam room during exams! 

You should bring the following items to the exam room:

  • Your school ID card
  • Several sharpened No. 2 pencils (with erasers) for all multiple-choice answer sheets
  • Pens with black or dark blue ink for completing areas on the exam booklet covers and for free-response questions in most exams
  • A watch (in case you cannot see the clock in the exam room – but alarm MUST be turned off)
  • Up to two calculators with the necessary capabilities if you are taking an AP Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, or Statistics Exam. (Visit https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/home to learn more about the calculator policy for each of these exams, and for a list of authorized calculators.)
  • Your College Board SSD Accommodations Letter if you are taking an exam with approved testing accommodations

You MAY NOT bring the following to the exam room:

  • Cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, e-mail/messaging devices, and any other electronic or communication devices – Leave them at home or in your car – they are NOT allowed in the building during exams! – You may risk your own exam and the entire rooms exam if one is found on you during the testing! You may NOT access your phone until after your AP test is completed!
  • Books, compasses, colored pencils*, correction fluid, dictionaries, highlighters*, or notes
  • Rulers and straightedges (except as noted above)
  • Scratch paper (notes can be made on portions of the exam booklets)
  • Computers* or calculators (except as noted above)
  • Watches that beep or have an alarm, or are internet capable such as IWatch
  • Portable listening* or recording devices (even with headphones) or photographic equipment
  • Food or drink (water bottles and snacks are ok during breaks)*​
  • Clothing with subject-related information

*Unless this has been preapproved as an accommodation by the College Board Services for Students with Disabilities office prior to the test date.


You are required to arrive at the testing site no later than 20 minutes prior to your exam: 7:40 a.m. for the morning administration and 11:40 a.m. for the afternoon administration. Please park at Palmer High School and enter the main doors to the north of the church building.  DO NOT PARK IN THE CHURCH PARKING LOT – YOUR VEHICLE WILL BE TOWED! All AP exams at FUMC will be held in FELLOWSHIP HALL (unless noted for certain rooms - additionally the Chinese Language and Studio Art exams are at Palmer High School). Fellowship Hall is located downstairs at FUMC – please follow signs in the church for directions. Remember we are guests in the building.  Students may not be dismissed until an exam has officially ended; do not ask to leave early if you finish before the end of the exam. If you play a sport or have a job, it is your responsibility to inform your coach or employer of your AP Exam obligation, and arrangements should be made accordingly.

Get a good night’s rest before your exam, and eat a nutritious breakfast. You are allowed to bring a snack and beverage to the testing site for your 10-minute break. However, food and drink are prohibited during the actual testing. It is advisable to bring a sweater or sweatshirt, in case the room temperature is below your comfort level.

You are required to abide by the policies of both the College Board and William J. Palmer High School during the exam period. Any misconduct will be reported and could jeopardize your AP Exam grade. You will be excused from classes at Palmer ONLY during the time of the scheduled exam and to eat lunch before or after the exam).

Please see Mr. Schulzki if you have questions. ​

Please contact Mr. Anton Schulzki, anton.schulzki@d11.org if you would like to register for an exam not listed, have questions about financial assistance, or any other questions.