Alumni Association Cheer for the TERRORS...TERRORS will win. Fight to the finish. Never give in. You do your best boys...We'll Do the rest boys. Cheer for the Brown and White. T - E - R - R - O - R - S --- Terrors Terrors ---Yea     Alumni Reunion Site     Colorado Springs/Palmer High School Alumni Scholarship   The Palmer High School Alumni Association will award four scholarships in the following amounts: One-$2500 scholarship for 1st place. One-$2000 scholarship for 2nd place. One-$1500 scholarship for 3rd place. One-$1000 scholarship for 4th place.     Criteria: Student must be a graduating senior who has attended Palmer High School for their full junior and senior years.   Students must submit a one-sided typed page statement along with their transcript. Submit a compelling argument that addresses the reason that the student is deserving of this scholarship. This might be a resume or an essay format and the entire application is limited to a one-sided typed page.   Please include in your one-sided typed statement the following: 1.  Name and complete address [include city, state, zip code and phone number] 2.  This may include, but is not limited to the following:  a. A statement of financial aid b. Evidence of community service c. Work experience and leadership experience d. Family situation in regards to college and grade/achievement [order a transcript] e. Identify if the college/university you are going to attend is a vocational school or 2-year or 4-year university.   Date for submission: March 31st of each year to the Counseling Secretary: Mrs. Heather Geschke   Scholarships will be awarded by Alumni Association Scholarship Committee. Applicants will be notified by mail of their scholarship selection status by late April.   (March, 2011 Policy Revisions. This Policy will be reviewed annually.)       Printer-friendly PDF