Dear Palmer Community,


Spring is just around the corner! Spring sports are starting up and our students are preparing for the musical production. Students are requesting courses for next year and we will begin to look at teaching assignments for the 2017-18 school year. Spring is certainly a busy time of our school year!

The state PARCC, PSAT, SAT and CMAS assessments will start up soon.  You should have received a letter explaining more about these assessments. We do rely on the data. Group performance on the assessments helps to drive decisions that we make about curriculum and instruction.  Individual performance on assessments helps us make decisions regarding placement of      students in courses that are appropriately rigorous. It is important that our students "show what they know" for this reason.  AP and IB exam dates have been shared with the students involved. All students will attend classes every day EXCEPT on April 11 when our tenth and eleventh grade students sit for the PSAT and SAT exams.  All of the assessment information may be found on our website.

As the weather warms, we encourage parents to discuss appropriate dress with students. Short shorts and skirts are distracting. Midriffs are very popular, once again, but they violate the Board established dress code. Hats should be worn outside and not in the building. Also, please take the opportunity to talk with your child about the appropriate use of social media. We continue to experience disruptions to the learning environment that stem from social media posts and replies. If you notice this type of behavior, please alert the school, Safe to Tell, or the     police. The physical and emotional safety of our students and staff is of utmost importance to us, and we will deal with the infractions as appropriate and as they come to our attention. While students often believe that their posts are private, we understand that they are not.

Although the permit window has officially closed, we will continue to accept permits for the 2017-18·school year.  If you know of students that are interested in attending Palmer, encourage their parents to submit a Choice Enrollment form today.  Please refer to the Palmer website at http://palmer.d11.org  for additional information or call us at   328-5042 if we may answer questions.


All my best,​

 Lara Disney, Principal