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Remote Learning Days

Plans for Remote Learning


Hello Terrors,

Here is the district directed plan for inclement weather and remote learning requirements.

  • Remote learning days is how the district will move forward when it is not safe for schools to be open.  The district will continue to get messaging out to staff and the community as soon as possible when inclement weather forces a decision to be made.  The district is aware of possible issues including but not limited to students not bringing home laptops, WiFi access, lack of quality learning.  While these are legitimate concerns, we will be the district that is open even if it is through a remote model on inclement weather days.
  • Remote learning means that a teacher will conduct class through Webex. 
  •  Remote learning schedules must be at least 20% of a regular day of instructional minutes. (for Palmer, this is a minimum of 11 minutes per class period.  Schools should be able to use existing remote learning schedules as long as they meet the 20% requirement by the CDE.
  • Palmer will utilize a 1 hour late start schedule on Remote Learning Days, please refer to the Palmer specific schedule below.
  • Attendance will be taken based on participation in Webex. 

When warned/notified of a remote learning day:

  • Take laptop, charger and any other materials home with you in order to participate in remote learning. 

Student Requirements for remote learning:

  • Take laptop, charger, and any other materials needed to complete a remote learning lesson.
  • Go to your teachers Schoology page to find the Webex link for their specific class.
  • Log into classroom Webex rooms following the remote learning schedule (see below).  Individual teachers will provide instruction and direction for the class period.
  • Attendance is based on participation via Webex.

ESP and Exec Pro Expectations:

  • Be available to receive and respond to phone calls, emails, and any meeting requests during your normal work day. 

Remote Learning Schedule

7:20 – 8:30

Teacher prep time


8:35 – 8:46

Period 1



Period 2



Period 3



Period 4



Period 5



Period 6



Period 7






Work time