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Advanced Placement AP

Registration for AP exams May 2024

Registering for your AP Exams – a two-step process - is a bit different from past years.

Step 1 – College Board account and Join Code - Many students have completed the first step – logging into their College Board account and using their course-assigned join code (provided by your AP teacher) to join their AP class, thereby signing up for AP Classroom resources and registering through the College Board for their AP exam – paid for by School District 11!  Check with your AP teacher or complete step 2 below to receive your join code. Sign in to using your College Board login.

Step 2 - Students must register to confirm their AP exams through Total Registration:

  1. Set up your Total Registration account and complete the information to completion.
  2. Make sure you have completed your AP exam registration order through your College Board account using join codes provided by your AP teacher at the beginning of the school year, or you will find it on Total Registration as you complete your registration.

Both steps must be completed in order to confirm your AP exam registration! All registration MUST be completed by November 14, 2023, to avoid a $40 late fee for EACH AP exam.