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Physical Education and Health Courses


The graduation requirement for Physical Education is three (3.0) credits in grades 9-12.

The graduation requirement for Health is one credit. It is recommended that all students take health during the sophomore year.

A gym uniform is required for all activity classes. Acceptable uniforms include gym shorts, t-shirt, sweats, socks, tennis shoes. The Physical education uniform must be different from clothes worn that day to school. In swimming classes, boy’s swim suits must have a liner and a drawstring. Girls are encouraged to wear one-piece suits designed for lap swimming. Swim caps are required for all students with long hair (teacher discretion). In all activity classes, it is the student’s responsibility to supply a lock and keep personal items secured.

IBMYP HEALTH (Honors available)

Course Length: 1 Semester                  Grade Level: 10-12

Credit per semester: 1.0 (Health)

Prerequisite: None

This course will influence attitudes toward health which will promote respect for the human mind and body and the factors which foster optimum healthful living. Good health shall be identified as mental, social, and physical well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.

Emphasis will be placed on developing self-esteem and positive interpersonal relationships. The students will be encouraged to explore the emerging health information and develop the ability to weigh the validity of such information for application to their existing health status.


Course Length: 1 Semester each        Grade Level: 10-12 Credit per Semester: 1.0 (Physical Education)

Prerequisite: Completed 1 semester of IBMYP PE. *Any Freshman who would like to enroll in this course must have prior approval from the Palmer Athletic Director*

This course is designed for the highly motivated athlete to increase athletic performance through ground based, multiple joint activities. Progressive overload and periodization principles are the basis of the weights and conditioning program, while focusing on explosive strength training exercises. All athletes will be taught and require to use safe and proper form for each lifting exercise. This class is open to varsity athletes and must have the recommendation of the varsity coach of each sport. Sport specific programs will be designed for the individuals and consideration will be taken for both in season appropriate maintenance training and out of season building and intensity. Fitness and Conditioning 4 runs in the fall semester and Fitness and Conditioning 5 runs in the spring semester.


Course Length: 1 Semester                  Grade Level: 9-12

Credit per semester: 1.0 (Physical Education) Prerequisite: None

Participation in P.E. results in the development of: 1) a variety of motor skills and abilities related to lifetime leisure skills; 2) improved understanding of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle; 3) improved understanding and appreciation of movement and the human body; 4) improved knowledge of the rules and strategies of particular games and sports; and 5) improved self-confidence and self- worth as they relate to physical education and recreation activities.


Course Length: 1 Semester                  Grade Level: 11-12 Credit per semester: 1.0 (Physical Education or Elective) Prerequisite: Must be 16 years of age and have completed a swimming section in a previous PE class.

Lifesaving/CPR for the professional rescuer and first aid will be offered. At the end of the unit students will be certified to lifeguard. For further information see K-12 Physical Education Guide, pages 258 and 260.


Course Length: 1 Semester          Grade Level: 10-12

Credit per semester: 1.0 (Physical Education or Elective)

Prerequisite: None

This course is designed to pair regular education students with students with special needs in a traditional physical education class setting. During this class, you are expected to participate in all activities and connect with the students in the classroom.  You may be asked to support in setup and cleanup of activities and can be an example for whatever physical activity/game the students with special needs are doing in the class.  There will be sufficient adult supervision and support to take care of any of the needs of the students.  You may also have the opportunity to go off campus field trips to participate in competitions, such as Unified Bowling with other schools in the district.  This class is a wonderful opportunity to connect with students of all ability levels, build your resume, and earn a PE credit.