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Extended Essay Archive

A Word of Caution...

There are several places to find good sample Extended Essays.  However, you have to be careful to follow the current formating requirements - found in the EE Guide and the EE Textbook.  The sample essays below are GREAT examples of solid research questions and content - you should ALWAYS defer to the most current EE guide to make sure the structure is in line with CRITERION D.

The essays below have recieved "A" or "B" marks; they represent some of the best work done at Palmer High School in the past few years.

Sample Extended Essays

Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature

Research question: How do Disney adaptations of classic fairy tales change the plot, characters, and messages to influence society’s interpretation of a princess?  Grade: A  (2016)

Research question: To what extent are consistent themes present in Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” and his Civil War poems? Grade: B (2016)

Research Question: How do Alexandre Dumas and Baroness Orczy utilize historical context in their novels The Three Musketeers and The Scarlet Pimpernel?  Predicted Grade: B (2020)


This group includes Language Aquisition.

Group 3: Individuals and Societies

This group includes: History, Psychology, Economics & World Religions

History Essays

Research question: To what extent did Cuban social reforms in the health care sector (implemented by Fidel Castro post-revolution, 1959) lead to an overall improvement in health among the Cuban populace? Grade: B

Research question: To what extent did Japanese Americans show resiliency in the face of unlawful internment?  Grade: B

Research Question: How did United States media react to Kristallnacht in 1938 and how did this affect U.S policy and action toward Germany? Grade: B

Research Question: How did medical techniques and/or practices differ between the Union and Confederate forces during the American Civil War (1861-1865) and what new medical techniques were developed? Grade: B

Research Question: How did paternalism in the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company affect the lives of workers and industry in the West? Grade: B

Research Question: To what extent did the invasions of the British Isles impact the origins of the English language? Predicted Grade: B (2020)

Research Question: To what extent did the media coverage of Tet Offensive create opposition towards the Johnson Administration? Predicted Grade: B (2020)

Psychology Essays

Research Question: To what extent is music therapy an effective treatment option for senior citizens with dementia? Grade A

Research Question: How do the psychological effects of sleep deprivation and alcohol abuse on adolescents compare? Grade: B

Research Question: To what extent do the interrogation styles from investigators contribute to the distortion and the re-installation of memory for eyewitnesses? Grade: B

Research Question: To what extent does stress effect a college student test performance? Grade: B

Research Question: To What Extent Does Ostracism Negatively Impact the Emotional and Physical Well-Being of Individuals? Grade B

Research Question: To what extent does bilingualism affect cognitive processes of the brain? Grade B

Research Question: To what extent do environmental factors play a role in causing Dissociative Identity Disorder? Predicted Grade: A (2020)

Research Question: To what extent are developing brain areas affected by childhood physical trauma? Predicted Grade: A (2020)

World Religions Essays

Research Question: How does the Idea of Sin change between the Old and New Testaments and What is the Significance? Grade: A

Research Question: How have the historical traditions of the Camino de Santiago shaped the modern spiritual practices of the pilgrimage?  Grade A

Research Question: How has the development of fatalism compared within Christianity and Islam, and how has it positively impacted modern practices?
Grade: A

Research Question: What influenced pope John Paul II to be so instrumental in the fall of communism in 20th century Europe? Grade: B

Research Question: How do the perceptions of good and evil compare and contrast in two different religions, Christianity and Buddhism, and what greater conclusions can be made from this? Grade: B

Research Question: How did the spread of Buddhism impact China and conflict with other native chinese philosophies? Grade: B

This group includes Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science


Research Question: What microclimate patterns does an abrupt treeline produce, and what are itseffects on the survivorship and growth of seedlings?  Grade: A

Research QuestionHow effective is the LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) Atkins diet on weight loss?  Grade: B

Research Question: What is the impact of extended embryo culture on in vitro fertilization?  Grade: B

Research Question: To what extent do the benefits of stem cell therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease outweigh the costs and why should we shift the primary treatment plan from the current and traditional plan to stem cell therapy?  Predicted Grade: B (2020)


Research Question: To what extent can Brouwer’s Fixed-Point Theorem be proved using Sperner’s Lemma? Predicted Grade: B (2020)

Group 6: The Arts.  This group consists of Dance, Film, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts

Sample Essays:

Visual Arts

Research Question: To what extent did the Société Anonyme contribute to the change of appreciation and perception of art?  Grade: B

The group includes World Studies and Environmental Systems and Societies.

Research Question: To what extent do the impacts of commercial fishing on Pelagic fishes in the Ocean compare to the potential benefits of commercial fishing for human society? (ESS) Grade: B

Research Question: To what extent are the racial disparities in the United States’ Criminal Justice System a human rights violation against African-American males? (WS) Grade B

Research Question: How can the Colorado beef industry be changed to be more environmentally and economically sustainable? (WS) Grade: B

Research Question: To what extent did China’s one child policy impact Chinese culture from 1979 to present day? (WS) Grade: B

Research Question: How do the Creation stories of the Navajo and Sioux compare and contrast to the Christian Creation story and how have they influenced their cultures today? (WS) Grade B