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Media Center Policies


  • We welcome you to spend your unscheduled time in the Palmer Media Center! Please be safe, be respectful, and be responsible while you are here.
  • The media center is a multi-use space. Please show courtesy to those around you who may be engaged in different activities. We encourage collaboration, conversation, and community in the library.
  • You may check out up to three books at a time for a two-week period. Renewals are available. If you have a need for more than three books, see a librarian.
  • You are welcome to move chairs, but please don’t rearrange the entire environment. When you are finished, return furniture to its’ home.
  • You are also welcome to use the stairs between the levels of the library.
  • If a computer in the library is not logged in to someone else, it is available. Be aware that a class may have reserved the lab, and you may need to move to a different computer if a class comes in.
  • Not all of our books are printed on paper! We have eBooks, audiobooks, and other electronic resources available.
  • Do you have a project and need some resources to get you started? Are you not sure how to find something in the library? Do you need more information about a certain topic and you are just stumped? Your librarians are all here to help!