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Career Exploration

Career Exploration/Pathways

Students are encouraged to explore career options while they are in high school. They may use the following methods:

  • All 9th grade students will take Computer Applications in 9th grade or the IB Technology class in 10th grade. Students will do a career assessment, identify careers of interest and learn the process to explore career/college using this system. IB students will be exposed to the same program through the IB Technology class.
  • Teachers are a good source of career information. If a student finds himself or herself drawn to a particular class, they should as their teachers what careers might be associated with that course.
  • Knowing what parents do for a career and their reasoning behind their career choices can provide a template for the student to explore careers.
  • Students are encouraged to discuss career plans with their counselor.

  The Internet provides a variety of ways to explore careers. A list of our favorite websites are:

My Majors  

College In Colorado  

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