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D11 Return to Learn


Ill Students and Staff

The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment provides this public guidance document.

How sick is too sick?


El Paso County Public Health provides the most current isolation recommendations.


Students will be encouraged and provided the opportunity to practice periodic handwashing.


Our Facilities, Operations, and Transportation staff will continue to ensure that our schools and buses provide the safest possible environments.  

  • School ventilation systems have been reprogrammed to the maximum extent possible to increase the fresh air by over 150 percent. 
  • Custodial staff will continue to use a variety of proven techniques and supplies to ensure our schools are clean and sanitized.  District 11 custodial cleaning procedures mandate extra cleaning on heavily trafficked areas while students are present.  Chemical disinfectants will only be used when students are not present.
  • School bus ventilation will also be increased by opening windows.
  • School bus drivers will continue to clean buses between each run and thoroughly c and d at the end of each shift.

This information was reviewed on October 13, 2023. It will be reviewed every six months, and updated as necessary.


While our students, families, and staff are and will continue to be resilient, we also recognize the pandemic has created environments inside and outside our schools that can cause stress, anxiety, depression, or a sense of uncertainty. As we have transitioned back to everyday classroom environments, D11 will focus on delivering SEL curriculum, adding additional counseling services, monitoring student well-being, and building back school communities. Through partnerships with Children’s Hospital, Diversus Health, Care Solace, Peak Vista, and ThriveWorks, D11 has added supplemental mental health services for those families that wish to access support during and after the school day. Additionally, staff continues to have access to FREE mental health supports through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Now more than ever, we are committed to developing students' social-emotional learning competencies and the well-being of our staff in order to create thriving school environments.  

Health Screenings

  • Families should continue to screen their students for illness before sending them to school.